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DEADLINE  • 31 May 2013


Mads Mikkelsen, Programmer, CPH:DOX


I think the new thing this year is that we have launched a non-competitive cross-media relationship which is an open platform developing the projects throughout the year to then be presented at the festival in November. Also at our financing and co-production forum we have launched a new award. It is a place where new projects are pitched by filmmakers, I think 25 in total, and they pitch to an audience. This year we are launching an award in collaboration with Eurimages with 15,000 € to the winning project. The award will be headed by an international jury.

Well, the film festivals that we follow and we are close to, in a way, would be festivals such as Rotterdam and BAFICI– I mean not in terms of size – but in terms of the profile and program. Also, not necessarily strictly documentary festivals but festivals that try to think in contemporary terms, moving from the conventional documentary style to expand into fields such as visual art and cross hybrid art. This is a big part of our profile and what we have been doing for the past 10 years.

In terms of the films and the profile that we have created, what we really try to do is make it a contemporary festival and the film selections should somehow reflect an auteur driven type of filmmaking, the type that would work around the fundamental documentary concept of the wheel, but do so in a creative way. Also we focus on films that work within the space of the cinema, not just another talking heads but really films that are made to screen in the cinema.

Mads Mikkelsen, Programmer, CPH:DOX to FilmFestivalLife, 13 May 2013 

7-17 November 2013, Copenhagen, Denmark

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