FILMFEST DRESDEN 2015 Announces Full Competition Program

FILMFEST DRESDEN has selected over 300 short films from around the world for its 27th edition. This year the short film festival has chosen 71 films for their international and national competition, all in the hunt for one of the coveted Golden Horsemen. As FilmFestivalLife’s exclusive submission partner, all the selected films were submitted through the platform and are members of the FFL family. There are some well-known films in the competition, such as the animation A SINGLE LIFE by the Job, Joris & Marieke combo as well as Una Gunjak’s THE CHICKEN.


‘We are particularly proud of our festival trailer by Susann Maria Hempel,’ says festival director Katrin Küchler. After winning Dresden’s Golden Horseman in 2014, Hempel’s short film SEVEN TIMES A DAY WE BEMOAN OUR LOT AND AT NIGHT WE GET UP TO AVOID DREAMING has enjoyed a successful – and still continuing – festival run and has won accolades several times, including the gold prize of the German Short Film Award. This year, the trailer of the 27th FILMFEST DRESDEN bears her signature.



Find below the full list of FFL filmmakers who are in competition at this years FILMFEST DRESDEN. Congrats to all!


Official Selection International and National Competition of FILMFEST DRESDEN 2015

A Single Life, Job, Joris & Marieke (Netherlands)

AlieNation, Laura Lehmus (Germany)

Alles wird gut, Patrick Vollrath (Germany, Austria)

Asche, Christoph Mushayija Rath (Germany)

ATIS, Daniel Mulloy (Albania, Germany)

Aubade, Mauro Carraro (Switzerland)


BÄR, Pascal Flörks (Germany)

Betonfraß, Karsten Kranzusch (Germany)

Bloedhond, Mees Peijnenburg (Netherlands)

Boom-Boom, doch rybaka, Ivan Maximov (Russia)

Castillo y el Armado, Pedro Harres (Brazil)

CHAIN, Eicke B. (Germany, Bulgaria, France)

Cizinec, Martin Máj (Czech Republic)

Däwit, David Jansen (Germany)

Deux amis, Natalia Chernysheva (France)

Dinner For Few, Nassos Vakalis (Greece, United States)

Dissonance, Till Nowak (Germany)

Eat my dream, Jessica Dürwald (Germany)

EIN FOTO VON UNS, Ferdinand Arthuber (Germany)

Ein Tag am Meer, Aline Chukwuedo (Germany)

El don de los espejos, Mara Soler Guitián (Mexico)

Estestven roman v 8 glavi, Milen Vitanov (Bulgaria)

Fernweh, Ena Sendijarevic (Netherlands)

Flea, Vanessa Caswill (United Kingdom)


Fugue for Cello, Jerzy Kucia(Poland)

Have Sweet Dreams, Ciprian Suhar (Romania)

HERMAN THE GERMAN, Michael Binz (Germany)

Historia de un oso, Gabriel Osorio (Chile)

Hole, Martin Edralin (Canada)

HTM, Sachi Ediriweera(Sri Lanka)

IMMER MÜDER, Jochen Kuhn (Germany)

Juke Box, Klipper Ilan (France)

Klang der Stille, Adrian Goiginger (Germany)

Lystopad, Masha Kondakova (Ukraine)

Maly Cousteau, Jakub Kouril (Czech Republic)

Mi ne mozhem zhit bez cosmosa, Konstantin Bronzit (Russia)

Moulton og meg, Torill Kove (Norway)

Mousse (30), John Hellberg (Sweden)

Nuggets, Andreas Hykade (Germany)

Om Du lämnar mig nu, Maria Eriksson (Sweden)

OPOSSUM, Paul Cichon (Germany)

Où je mets ma pudeur, Sébastien Bailly (France)

PEIN, Ulrike Vahl (Germany)

Pour retourner, Scooter Corkle (Canada)

PRET, Firman Widyasmara (Indonesia)

reCuiem, Valentina Carnelutti(Italy)

Scribbledub, Ross Hogg (United Kingdom)

Sem Coração, Tião Nara Normande, (Brasilia)                  

Serena, Eric Lamhène (Luxembourg)

Simulacra, Ivana, Thomas Bosnjak, Johnson (Croatia)

Soif, Michèle Cournoyer (Canada)

SONNTAGS, Ira Tondowski (Germany)

Sonuncu, Sergey Pikalov (Azerbaijan)

Sophie Charlotte Baujahr 2013, Bert Gottschalk (Germany)

Souq Al Markazi, Saleh Nass (Bahrain, United Arab Emirates)

Spielt keine Rolle, Annika Pinske (Germany)

Strach, Martin Krejci (Czech Republic)

THE CHICKEN, Una Gunjak (Croatia,Germany)

THE RINGER, Chris Shepherd (France)

The Substitute, Nathan Hughes-Berry (Canada, Iceland, United Kingdom)

The Swing, Damien Dunne (Ireland)

Trailer, Mascha Halberstad (Netherlands)

Vertiges, Arnaud Dufeys (Belgium)

Viis varpaista, Kari Pieskä (Finland)

We will stay in touch about it, Jan Zabeil (Germany)

Whodunnit??, Jim Lacy (Germany)

ΒΟΛΤΑ, Stella Kyriakopoulos (Greece)

Курица, Vasil Bedoshvili (Russia)

صفاءالكبيرة, Randa Maroufi (France)


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